Ashley Layendecker is a painter, writter and independent curator working in Nashville Tennessee. She received her BFA in Studio Art, 2D concentration in 2016 and her MS in Teacher Education in 2017 at the University of Tennessee. Ashley formally worked at Fluorecent Gallery in Knoxville, where she held the possition Assistant to the Director. She moved to Nashville March 2018 where she is activly involved with the growing art scene in the city. She is currently a intern at Red Arrow Gallery in East Nashville and works for Locate Arts as a contributor to The Focus. 

Contact: [email protected]



MS, Teacher Education - University of Tennessee Knoxville, May 2017

BFA, 2D Studio Art - Univeristy of Tennessee Knoxville, May 2016 

Curatorial Work

Transversal, Group Show, Fluorescent Gallery, Knoxville Tennessee February 2nd 2018

Girls Favorite, Group Show, Fluorescent Gallery, Knoxville Tennessee, February 3rd 2017


From Dawn to Dusk, 1500 Clinton St., Group Show, Nashville Tennessee, 2016

37917--->37203: A Fluorescent Pop-up Show, Group Show, The Packing Plant, Nashville Tennessee, 2016

2016 Honors Exhibition, Group Show, Ewing Gallery, University of Tennessee Knoxville,  2016

"Pre Game", Group Show, Group Show, Gallery 1010, Knoxville Tennessee,  2016

69th Annual Student Art Competition, Group Show, Ewing Gallery, University of Tennessee Knoxville, 2016

Recess/Excess, Group Show, Gallery 1010, Knoxville Tennessee, 2016

Compress, Solo Show, Holly’s 135, Knoxville Tennessee, 2015

Exposed, Group Show, Fluorescent Gallery, Knoxville Tennessee, 2015

The Directory, Solo Show, Gallery 1010, Knoxville Tennessee,  2015

Too Heavy, Group Show, Bula Boutique, Knoxville Tennessee, 2015




Dwayne Butcher

Clare Grill

Christina West

Studio Visits

Tom Wixo

Heather Hartman

Mary Laube

Asafe Pereira

Six Delightfully Scruffy Artists You Should Know:, Knoxville Weekend 2017

Phoenix Literary Arts Magazine, Issue 58 Vol. 2 Page 10, Spring 2016

Phoenix Literary Arts Magazine, Issue 57 Vol. 1 Page 15, Fall 2015

Work Experience

Internship- Red Arrow Gallery, Nashville Tennsee, March 2018- Present 

Knoxville Museum of Art, Art Teacher, Knoxville Tennessee, Summer 2017

Gibbs High School, Art Intern, Knoxville Tennessee, August 2016-May 2017

Contributor the The Focus-Locate Arts, Nashville Tennessee, May 2017- Present

Assistant to the Dirctor- Fluorescent Gallery, Knoxville Tennessee, August 2016-Febuary 2018


Jered and Christine Sprecher Award for Painting, 69th Annual Student Art Competition, University of Tennessee, February 29th 2016 (Awarded by Pete Schulte and Amy Pleasant)

Elizabeth Aytes "Cookie" Elliot Scholarship for Art Education, 2016

Artist Statement

I am using the grid to illustrate human tendencies within elements of construction. While the grid more often serves to organize or compartmentalize, it can also function as an illustration of anxiety or tension. Although the grid evokes representation, I also use it as a signifier of the indescribable. When creating these images I place very specific colors in vertical and horizontal lines. My palette comes from what I find to be visually stimulating; colors that elude to an atmosphere or a time of day, sunrise, sunset or night. Colors that both glow and absorb and collaborate with the colors alongside them. These colors are naturally found in urban settings; construction signs, shadows, and street lights. Because of color and the grid, I aim to make a series of paintings as a collection. I want the paintings to be different than each other but still employ similar themes to relate them all together as a unit. 

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